2 Jul 2014

Castleton photos!

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Here they are! Links to the slideshows of our photos from Castleton.






27 Jun 2014

We’re off, we’re off…

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After an exciting morning of building siege towers, launching boulders at each other and dressing up as all the different invaders and settlers of Britain, we’ve now left Castleton and are on our way back (booooo). But, we now also have full access to the internet again! (Hooray!).

We’ve all got lots of exciting stories about the activities we’ve been enjoying and can’t wait to share them, along with lots of pictures, with you.

See you soon!

27 Jun 2014

Good morning, Rochdale.

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Hello to everyone at home,

Due to poor internet connections we have only sporadically, and very briefly, been able to access the internet! We’ve just been able to access the internet, so here’s a quick update before we lose it again!

All  the children had a fantastic day yesterday, treasure hunting for hidden words, taking part in a Roman battle and even having a go at archery!

The children were all fed well for tea and then have made their own fossil casts.

We have lots of great pictures of all this, but due to the internet problem will not be able to upload until our return to school.

This morning we are learning more about Roman history and taking part in lots more activities.

See you all this afternoon!

27 Jun 2014

Castleton trip update

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Poor mobile reception is making it difficult for the staff to blog directly from Castleton, however, i can confirm that everyone was fed and watered yesterday evening and they all enjoyed a good night’s sleep.

They have had breakfast this morning and are raring to go today!

26 Jun 2014


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After an uneventful coach trip we have arrived safe and sound! Just enjoying out lunch before we start out activities soon. We’ll keep you posted!



25 Jun 2014

Lest we forget.

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As this year is the 100th anniversary of the beginning of the First World War, we have taken part in a very special way to commemorate this. In Paddington Station there is a statue of an unknown soldier reading a leader. Nobody knows what this letter is about. Letters to an unknown soldier is project which which is inviting the entire country to think about what the letter might say and write their own. Many famous people have already contributed, such as Stephen Fry, and now 3b have created their own book full of letters! We will be submitting our letters to the project as well.

Here is what we created, full of well thought out letters.



23 Apr 2014

Missing punctuation!

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Somebody has stolen all the punctuation from this excerpt from James and the Giant Peach!
Can you re-write this using the correct punctuation?


theres more magic and power in those things in that brown bag than in all the rest of the world put together the old man said softly but but what are they james murmured finding his voice at last. where do they come from. ah-ha the old man whispered youd never guess that. he was crouching a little now and pushing the his face closer to james until the tip of his long nose was actually touching the skin on james’s forehead.

23 Apr 2014

We are musicians!

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Today, we have been lucky enough to begin to learn the clarinet. We enjoyed learning about the different parts of the clarinet And giving it a go. We made some interesting sounds and can’t wait for our next lesson.



22 Apr 2014

Riddle of the day!

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What can you catch but not throw?

4 Apr 2014

Educational blogger nominee!

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Class 4A’s blog been chosen as one of the UK’s 100 best education blogs. They are thrilled to be nominated, but now we want to go one better and claim the overall prize. To help them, please can you email voting@ukedchat.com stating 4a2013.lowerplace.net as your favourite blog.

You can see the full list and a link to the email address by clicking on the picture below.

100 best blogs